What else your cellphone can do…

Posted: January 25, 2010 in ICT

If  you in this situation, you have locked your keys in your car. Did you know your cellphone can open your car door? Well this article will tell you how you can use your cell phone to rescue you from your forgetting, rushing, stressful, too excited actions.

1.  Step 1
We all have days when we have so much going on and locked our keys in the car. If you lock your keys in your car you can call home or whoever has the spear key.

2.  Step 2
On your cell call that person on their cell phone. Have that person press the unlock button near their mobile phone. You stand a foot away from your car while the button is pressed. Put your cell phone on speaker and pointed toward your vehicle.
This should unlock your doors and allow you to make your meeting on time

3.  Step 3
Doing this will save you from having someone pick you up or calling for a cab. Try this for fun with your friends or kids in your drive way or parking lot. That way you are near your spear key.

*dont affraid to try but i dont guarantee it works on your car.


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