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Posted: August 14, 2010 in PENGETAHUAN

Genap 15 ogos 2010 maka aku secara rasminya berumur 21 tahun. sebelum tu aku nak ucap sedikit terima kasih kepada yang ucap selamat kat aku dalam facebook. Kalau ikutkan facebook ni bagus jugak tak kira lah member korang berada di austrlia ke german ke anywhere in the world. You still can wish . Apa-apa pun gunalah teknologi sebaik mungkin. By the way sekarang ni manusia kat dunia ni dah jarang dah guna hp untuk msj kengkawan semata2 nak tanya kabhar berita ke nak wish apa-apa ke. Even nak jemput ke majlis kenduri kendara pun guna invitation kat facebook.

kita biarkan pasal facebook seketika, kita citer pasal “what is your birthday mean to the world?” . kalau kat malaysia kalau sapa2 yang lahir pada 31 ogos tu kira dipanggil anak merdeka, siap letak nama anak mereka “merdeka” . Tapi tadi saja aku try2 search kat google pasal history behind my birthday..so aku nak kongsi la sikit, manalah tahu ada yang sama tarikh lahir dengan aku. Aku hanya jumpa events dari tahun 778 hingga ke tahun 2007. hari ini dalam sejarah..PEACE OUT!!

August 15 Events in History – August 15 Birthdays – August 15 Deaths
2007 8.0 Earthquake in Peru kills over 500 people, injures over 1,500
1998 Bill Clinton confesses to Hilary about the Monica Lewinsky affair
1998 Twenty nine murdered by Irish terrorists in Omagh, Northern Ireland
1997 Dan Wilson hits Seattle Mariners 3,000th home run
1997 Dow Jones drops 247.37 pts
1997 Los Angeles Dodgers retire Tommy Lasorda’s #2
1995 Keylee Sue Sanders, 18, of Kansas, crowned 13th Miss Teen USA
1994 South African President Nelson Mandela receives Anne Frank Penning
1994 Terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, captured in Khartoum, Sudan
1993 “Goodbye Girl” closes at Marquis Theater New York City after 188 performances
1993 75th PGA Championship: Paul Azinger shoots a 272 at Inverness Club Oh
1993 Cindy Schreyer wins LPGA Sun-Time Challenge Golf Tournament
1993 New York City radio (WFAN) personality Don Imus’ lung collapes for 2nd time
1993 Nolan Ryan, 324th and final victory, Rangers 4, Indians 1
1993 Televangelist Robert Tilton announces he is divorcing Marte
1992 Actress Susan Anton marries actor Jeff Lester
1992 Colombo ’92 closes in Genoa, Italy
1991 750,000 attend Paul Simon’s free concert in Central Park
1991 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1990 51st PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Gary Player
1990 Mark McGwire is 1st to hit 30 home runs in each of his 1st 4 seasons
1990 Phils Terry Mulholland no-hits Giants 6-0 (8th no hitter of 1990)
1989 Cancer sufferer/San Francisco Giant pitcher Dave Dravecky breaks arm on mound
1989 Frederik de Klerk becomes president of South Africa
1989 Giorgio Lamberti swims world record 200m free style (1:46.69)
1989 U.S. Venus probe Magellan launched from Space shuttle
1989 In 2nd start since after cancer treatment, Giants Dave Dravecky breaks his pitching arm while throwing to Tim Raines
1988 “Ain’t Misbehavin'” opens at Ambassador Theater New York City for 176 performances
1988 At 4PM LILCO consumers used a record 3,813 megawatts
1988 New York City begins $70 million program to rebuild 900 Bronx apartments
1987 U.S. beats Cuba in Pan-Am baseball
1986 President Reagan decides to support a replacement for Challenger
1985 Anti-apartheid lawyer Bulelani Ngcuka marries in South Africa
1985 Iraqi air raid on Iran oil-island Kharg
1983 Ramones guitarist Joey Ramone, beaten in fight-undergoes brain surgery
1982 Beth Daniel wins LPGA WUI Golf Classic
1982 Equatorial Guinea adopts constitution
1981 Botham scores a century in 86 balls vs. Australia at Old Trafford
1981 Robin Leamy of U.S. swims record 7.98 kph for 50 m
1979 Andrew Young resigns as United Nations ambassador
1978 House of Representatives approves (233-169), 39-month extension for ERA
1977 England regain cricket Ashes by taking a 3-0 series lead over Australia
1977 SS chief Kappler escapes from prison hospital in Rome
1976 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Wheeling Golf Classic
1975 Bangladesh military coup under Khondakar Moustaque Ahmed
1975 Joanne Little acquitted of murder charges
1974 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1974 Hurricane/floods ravage Bangladesh, 4,000 killed
1974 Longest team (6) trampoline bouncing marathon (1,248 hours (52 days))
1974 South Korean President Park Chung-Hee escapes assassination
1973 Black September kills 3 wounds 55 Athens
1973 David Storey’s “Cromwell,” premieres in London
1973 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test
1971 Charles Lismont wins Helsinki marathon (2:13:09.0)
1971 KVRL (now KRIV) TV ch 26 in Shreveport-Texarkana, LA (NBC) begins
1971 President Nixon announces 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents
1971 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Len Immke Buick Golf Open
1970 Patricia Palinkas becomes 1st woman pro football player (Orlando)
1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair opens in New York State (Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm)
1968 Romanian president Ceausescu visits Prague
1968 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan U.S.S.R.
1967 Pope Paul VI publishes constitution Regimini Ecclesiae Universae
1966 Radio Free Asia (South Korea) begins radio transmission
1965 47th PGA Championship: Dave Marr shoots a 280 at Laurel Valley Golf Club Pennsylvania
1965 Beatles play to 55,000 at Shea Stadium
1965 Mary Mills wins LPGA St. Louis Golf Open
1965 Japanese community of San Francisco holds Masanori Murakami Day at Candlestick Park to honor 1st Japanese player to play in major leagues
1964 Fred Trueman takes 300th Test Cricket wicket (Neil Hawke)
1964 Mayor Daley declares “Ernie Banks Day” in Chicago
1964 Phillies triple-play New York Mets
1964 Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 27′ 3″
1963 Fulbert Youlou, resigns as President of Congo-Brazzaville
1962 Netherlands and Indonesia signs accord about New Guinea
1962 Shady Grove Baptist Church burned in Leesburg Georgia
1960 CFL’s Calgary Stampeders move into McMahon Stadium
1960 Chicago Bears beat New York Giants 16-7 in Toronto (NFL expo)
1960 Congo (formerly Congo/Brazzaville) declares Independence from France
1960 Mil Brave Lew Burdette no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0
1958 25th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: All-Stars 35, Detroit 19 (70,000)
1958 Buddy Holly weds Maria Santiago
1958 Marshal Boelganin resigns as director of Staatsbank
1958 Soviet Marshal Bulganin resigns as director of State Bank
1957 David Simons reaches 30,942 m in Man High 2 balloon
1955 WXEX TV channel 8 in Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia (ABC) begins
1954 Alfredo Stroessner names himself president of Paraguay
1954 WCHS TV channel 8 in Charleston-Huntington, WV (ABC) begins
1952 19th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Los Angeles 10, All-Stars 7 (88,316)
1952 9″ of rain fall creates a 20′ wave in Lynmouth, England killing 34
1950 8.6 earthquake in India kills 20,000 to 30,000
1950 Ezzard Charles TKOs Freddie Beshore in 14 for heavyweight boxing title
1950 Indians make their 1st triple play at Cleveland Stadium
1950 Indies Constitution goes into effect
1950 Joseph Pholien becomes Belgian premier
1950 President Sukarno proclaims unity of Indonesia
1950 Rotterdam harbor strike begins
1949 WOTV TV channel 8 in Grand Rapids, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting
1948 3rd U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship won by Babe Didrikson Zaharias
1948 Republic of Korea (South Korea) proclaimed (National Day)
1947 India declares independence from UK, Islamic part becomes Pakistan
1947 Pakistan, formerly West Pakistan, declares independence from UK
1945 A riot ensued in San Francisco while the city was celebrating the end of WW II
1945 South Korea liberated from Japanese rule
1945 U.S. wartime rationing of gasoline and fuel oil ends
1945 Chandler sells World Series radio rights for $150,000 to Gillette, Ford had been World Series sponsor since 1934, pay $100,000 annually
1944 Allied air raid on train in North Netherlands, 32 killed
1944 German field marshal von Kluge vanishes for one day
1944 Operation Anvil: Allies land on French Mediterranean sea coast
1944 Operation Dragoon: Allied troops land in Provence
1944 U.S. 12 Army corp enters Le Mans through Orleans
1944 U.S. 7th Armour division reaches Chartres
1943 Allies land on Kiska Aleutians
1942 5 hostages executed by Nazis in St-Michielsgestel
1941 Kovono Lithuanian Jews are herded into Slobodka ghetto
1940 1st edition of Jewish Weekly newspaper in Amsterdam (under Nazi)
1940 Heavy dogfights above England: 75 German aircrafts damaged
1939 “Wizard of Oz” premieres at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood
1939 In 1st night game at Comiskey Park, Sox beat Browns 5-2
1931 Ernest Lassy completes longest canoe journey without port (6,102 mi)
1931 Roy Wilkins joined NAACP as Assistant Secretary
1931 Spakenburg soccer team forms
1925 Norway annexes Spitsbergen
1925 White Sox Dickie Kerr, 1st appearance since winning 2 world series games in 1919
1923 Eamon de Valera arrested in Irish Free State
1923 Mexico and U.S. reaches accord over oil concession of 1917
1918 1st full length cartoon (Sinking of Lusitania)
1918 Russia severs diplomatic ties with U.S.
1915 Journalist Albert Siegfried Bettelheim, convicted of murder in Georgia
1914 13th Davis Cup: Australasia beats USA in New York (3-2)
1914 Dinant Belgium destroyed by German bombs
1914 German assault at Dinant: Lt Charles de Gaulle (24), injured
1914 Japan joins side of allies
1914 Panama Canal opens (under cost)
1912 Yankee Guy Zinn sets record by stealing home twice in a game
1911 Procter and Gamble unveils its Crisco shortening
1906 1st freight delivery tunnel system begins, underneath Chicago
1905 Philadelphia A’s Rube Waddell no-hits St. Louis Browns, 2-0 in 5 innings
1901 Arch Rock, danger to Bay shipping, blasted with 30 tons of nitro
1899 Louisville’s Henry Dowling struck out 5 times in a game
1893 U.S. no longer allowed exclusive rights in Bering Sea
1892 4th and last British government of Gladstone forms
1886 Guy Hecker scores 7 runs in 1 game
1876 U.S. law removes Indians from Black Hills after gold find
1870 Transcontinental Railway actually completed in Colorado
1867 2nd Reform Bill extends suffrage in England
1864 Off New England coast, CSS Tallahassee captures 6 yankee schooners
1863 Submarine “HL Hunley” arrives in Charleston on railroad cars
1858 Regular mail to Pacific coast begins
1848 M Waldo Hanchett patents dental chair
1843 National black convention meets (Buffalo New York)
1843 Tivoli Park in Copenhagen opens
1832 Gregory XVI encyclical On liberalism and religious indifferentism
1824 Freed American slaves forms country of Liberia
1795 Joseph Haydn leaves England forever
1785 French cardinal De Rohan arrested
1760 Battle at Leignitz: Prussia beats Austria and Russia
1748 United Lutheran Church of U.S. organized
1741 French troops attack the Rhine
1684 Spain and Germany sign cease fire with France
1668 Rijnbond disbands
1658 France/Sweden/Bavarian/Brunswick/Munster/Hessen-Kassel form Rijnbond
1653 Dutch ship “Sperwer” stranded at Tsjedzjoe Korea
1635 1st recorded U.S. hurricane hit the Plymouth Colony
1620 Mayflower sets sail from Southampton with 102 Pilgrims
1549 Portuguese missionaries Franciscus Xaverius lands in Kagoshima Japan
1548 Mary queen of Scotland (6) arrives in France
1535 Asuncion, Paraguay founded
1534 Ignatius of Loyola forms society of Jesus/Jesuits
1519 Panama City founded
1457 Earliest dated book, “Mainz Psalter,” completed
1308 Johannieter knights conquer Rhodos on the Greece
778 Battle at Roncevalles: Basques beat Charles the Great
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