the best camera batery

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Today im just wanna write about the awesomeness of this battery. I cant believe  the power of this battery is like 5 times more power than any other battery.

This is because, the common  camera battery is a alkaline battery but this ENERGIZER ULTIMATE is a lithium battery.

More powerfull, lasting longer and it was not just a cheap tag line to convince the user.

For your information, my first experience with this battery as a freelance photographer, I just snap about 600 photos.

But my battery indicator still showing “battery full”, and the indicator is not decreased even one bar, can you belive it?

Then, after finish my task for 3 days as freelance photographer just using 2 battery, I still can snap hundred a photo since then but the battery still the same.

Im just using 2 battery, and the other 2 I just save it for other task. So I suggest for any body who never try it, to try it once and you know it.

  1. mira says:

    terbaekk nye info 🙂

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